Yamaha's FG700S

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Finding the best acoustic guitar ‘for you’ involves a lot of legwork. What kind of sound are you looking for? What sort of materials do you prefer? What kind of appearance? Do you have a favorite brand? What’s your level of experience? You don’t want to get the same guitar for a novice as you would for a seasoned musician. There are all sorts of factors involved here, and a lot of information to look up – much of which is conflicting, and heavily based on opinion.

Focusing on the Good Stuff.

At, we’ve done a significant amount of work for you. Our job is to look up guitar reviews elsewhere online, look at what’s selling, and see what the music bloggers have to say… then present you with information that the authorities in the field seem to be more or less in agreement on. You get the benefit of consistent and well-supported facts and opinions, without having to go through the trouble of sorting through the debris that clogs so much of the Web just to find them.

Spruce Up Your Act!

Yamaha’s FG700S is a fantastic acoustic guitar from a world-famous brand name – known throughout the music scene for assembling their guitars from parts made in the finest workshops all over the world, from all of the best materials. This particular guitar incorporates solid Sitka Spruce into the body, giving it a pleasant grain and a deep, melodic sound. It balances affordability with quality construction, and makes a good guitar for people at an intermediate level – people who know they’re into music for the long run, but aren’t sure which way they want to go just yet.

Don’t Get in a Bender; Go With Fender!

Fender is another excellent purveyor of fine musical instruments. The Fender Squier is a full-size guitar that’s relatively easy to play (as acoustics go, but it’s honestly very forgiving). It’s easily tuned, easy to handle, fits comfortably into your grip, and it comes with an extra set of strings – just in case. An excellent guitar for a novice musician in the acoustic scene, this guitar comes with an assortment of picks – allowing you to start practicing right away.

The Jasmine S35 is as Lovely as its Namesake

With a single listen, you’ll understand why this premium-quality offering from Jasmine is worth every penny you’ll spend on it (and it won’t be much, honestly; it’s a fairly affordable instrument as things go – no good acoustic is ever ‘cheap’). From its chrome hardware to its laminated sides and rosewood fretboard, the S35 has that classic acoustic guitar look – and it’s great for musicians at any level of experience, with a deep, rich sound that caters to multiple different genres and styles of play.

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