Elite EPC-1013 Platinum Pressure Cooker

Elite EPC-1013 Platinum Pressure Cooker Review

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Product Description

Pressure cookers have been a great addition to the household appliance list since they were first manufactured. Not only does food cook faster in a slow cooker, but they are also multifunctional. Many people use their stove, oven, microwave, and other appliances to create one meal, with the EPC-1013 pressure cooker it can cut out the usage of several other appliances, and produce the same great tasting meal in half the time, making it one of the best electric pressure cookers on the market. Looking into purchasing a new multi-tasking appliance, then check out the EPC-1013.

Functions and Features

There are eight different functions that this Elite unit performs that are categorized by the items cooked. These eight are fish and vegetables, pork, meat and chicken, soups and stews, deserts, potatoes and yams, beans, and rice. There is a delay timer button and the function allows the cooking to start up at a later time than preparing it, up to twenty-four hours later. The housing, outside unit, is stainless steel that has a brushed look to it, making it a beautiful unit for any countertop. The ten quart pot is removable and nonstick for an easy, thorough clean.

The Strengths of the EPC-1013

The browning function has impressed consumers as this Elite unit has surpassed the ‘scorching of the meat while attempting to brown’ phase. The size of it has consumers raving about the multitude of dishes that can be cooked. The canning feature has also been another that consumers find appealing and working well. When it comes to cooking, you can put something on and work around the house easily because it has a shut off when the timer expires. If you’re just attempting to cook beans, rice, or other quick items this is a great product. If you’re cooking roasts and chicken, it’s even better, according to consumer reviews.

EPC-1013’s Weaknesses

Unfortunately, some reviewers have experienced issues with the EPC-1013 unit such as it cutting off or reading errors after a few usages. Blown fuses have been the cause for malfunctions according to other consumers. The return policy is simple and asks for payment of shipping back to the facility, but some have experienced issues when attempting to receive simple information upon the attempted return. The display seems to malfunction and show the error read out or completely shutting off and not turning back on. Consumers have reported this happening several times within the first five usages.

Overall Evaluation

Those needing a slow cooker, or something they can leave the house for, might not find this as the perfect option of new appliances. However, if you want to come home and push a button, relax, and wait thirty minutes or so, the EPC-1013 is a great choice. It all depends on your cooking style and how much time you can devote to preparing. An electric pressure cooker is a great present for any household that finds themselves with little time to cook, but still in need of delicious, easy meals.