Brother LS2125i Everyday Sewing Machine

Brother LS2125i Everyday Sewing Machine

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Product Description

The LS2125i is a great beginner’s machine that is simple to use, lightweight, and helps make learning how to sew pretty easy. The solution is the easy-to-follow instruction manual that walks you through the basics of using the machine so you can start hemming pants and sleeves, making buttonholes, stitching fabrics together and anything else you want to accomplish. The number of stitches that you get aren’t many but they are completely utilitarian and the automatic four-step buttonhole feature lets you create button holes quickly without the laborious extra work that some machines require. There is a load of additional accessories included to give this unit the versatility and efficiency you’re looking for in a reliable machine. The price can’t be beat either with the LS2125i retailing for just $77 at most online retailers.

Dialing it In

Brother has designed this machine to be completely user friendly, relying on various dials to adjust the settings of a number of functions. Selecting from the 10 built-in stitches requires you to turn a dial, where you can choose from elastic, blind hem, straight, satin, and zigzag stitching, along with the additional automatic 4-step button hole option. There’s also a dial to adjust the thread tension which helps keep all of the stitching smooth and flat instead of loose and flimsy. Turning this dial will increase or decrease tension as needed depending upon the type of fabric you’re working with at any given time. Materials like denim or suede will need more tension while delicate, thinner fabrics will require you to decrease it.

Your Brother is Always Ready to Help Out

So many machines have been outfitted with automatic functions these days and the LS2125i is no different. As mentioned before, the unit offers an automatic buttonhole stitch function to let you make button holes fast and easy with the buttonhole foot, one of three feet that come with the machine alongside the button sewing and zipper feet. The machine also makes bobbin winding simply effortless, just set it on the winder, push it to the right and your bobbin is wound for you. It’s quick and easy and more importantly, gets you started on the job faster.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The LS2125i is small. Measuring just 15” x 6.5” this little guy can go just about anywhere you want to put it. Place it on any table, desk, or countertop for use and with the included carrying handle, you can easily carry it wherever you want. This makes it a good choice for seamstresses who are always taking their work to far off places.

Summing Up

Brother has built a solid little machine that combines the best of everything. Its simplicity, amount of helpful features, capacity for teaching beginners, and host of accessories  including foot pedal, presser feet, screwdriver, needle pack, bobbins, extra spool pin, twin needle, and darning plate bring together all the great things that you need to produce the best sewing machine in 2016. No it’s not the biggest, the most expensive, or even the unit with all of the features, it’s the best all around machine that scores high marks in all categories.