Bluetooth Beanie Knitted Hat

Bluetooth Beanie Knitted Hat Review

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Product Description

There are more problems associated with wearing a good set of headphones than you think. One of the most obvious is that they can attract attention, and not in a good way. Wearing an expensive set of headphones in the wrong area is no different from wearing an expensive watch or piece of jewelry – they make you a target. Even if your headphones are not expensive, you may have gone out jogging on a cold morning and ended up wishing you’d worn a warm hat on top of your headphones. Except you couldn’t! That wouldn’t be comfortable at all! There is of course, a solution to both of these problems and I am going to look at it below:

What is it?

The Bluetooth Beanie could also be called a ‘smart hat’. From the outside it looks like a regular, knitted hat. Inside however, it has a wireless headset with stereo earphones and mic plus Bluetooth! All of this enables you to listen to music and make calls hands free.

Who is it for?

Plenty of people will be able to find a situation where this hat would suit them. Almost anyone who wants to keep them ears warm and their hands free will be interested. In my own case it would be while I am in the garden, usually trying to do three things at once with my hands but managing this time at least to listen to my favorite music and keep my ears warm at the same time.

What else is good about it?

It’s easy to wash and the battery lasts for hours. On charge, you can listen to music for about 6 hours with this hat. It connects quickly to your Bluetooth device. It enables you to work and talk hands-free.

What’s not so good about it?

As with similar devices, the hat hides the headphones from view so that people are made unaware that you may be listening to music and taking a phone call. This could lead to embarrassing or unfortunate incidences such as your neighbor observing you having an argument with an imaginary friend or you blatantly ignoring the instructions of a police officer.

On a more serious note, it could cause serious incidents or accidents. Some users have reported that the Bluetooth does not work for all devices.

What’s the verdict?

No doubt some people will fall in love with this hat at first sight, but that’s not me, unfortunately. I’d be too worried about being so caught up in my own music or phone calls that I would be causing crashes and accidents all around me as I walked around the city. Not for me, thanks – I prefer to remain aware of my surroundings. How about you? Have you been seduced by this Bluetooth Beanie? You can find more products at

As for the Beanie – Amazon reviewers who bought it currently rate it at 4.7 out of a total of 5 stars. They really love it!