Babyliss BABNT150S Curling Iron

Babyliss BABNT150S Curling Iron Review

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Product Description

If you’ve started to scour the market for your next hair curler, you will most likely have come across lots of interesting designs which pretty much all do the same thing. That makes it extra important to find out what experiences other people have had using the products and comparing them against each other. Today I’m looking at the Babyliss BABNT150S Curling Iron to see how it stacks up against the competition.

What’s special about it?

The BABNT150 is a little different from a lot of the curling irons available today in that it uses nano titanium – known for its quick-heating and production of infrared heat which dries your hair. This allows you to use a special feature known as ‘instant-heat’ which allows the barrel to heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit in an instant – fantastic for those of us who are perennially late for work in the mornings!

What other features does it have?

Other nice touches, not necessarily unique to the BABNT150 are the long, non-fold cord which means you don’t have to worry if your plug socket isn’t right next to your mirror. The long handle allows you to reach right around your head when curling, without feeling restricted. It’s light, too – great for holding it over extended periods of time (such as when curling your entire head of hair).

What are the pros?

In general, the Babyliss BABNT150S gets pretty good reviews. Its design makes it easy to use – it’s not heavy, you can move it easily around your head, it heats up quickly. These are all practical concerns that Babyliss has addressed successfully with this curling iron. The barrel clamp is tight, but not so tight that it damages or rips your hair, as can happen with other curlers. You really can get those long, sultry curls with a minimum of effort!

What are the cons?

Some users have complained that the top of the barrel is too small. As this is where you put your fingers when you curl your hair, it can occasionally result in you burning your fingers. I suggest you take a lot of care with this at first and try to get used to it in order to avoid any burns.

One customer noted that, although the BABNT150 works even with thick hair, her curls wouldn’t last all that long. If this is the case for you, remember that a hair curler is not a perm and you could try combining it with the use of other hair products in order to get the effect you desire!


The Babyliss BABNT150S Curling Iron is one of the better curling irons I’ve seen and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Amazon users currently rate it with 4.2 stars out of 5 – not bad at all!

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